About us

Thank you for visit in our website. Welcome to PT.Damai Sentosa Bersama.

We are a company engaged in large trading of plantation products in Indonesia.

We serve the purchase of fresh ginger, powdered ginger, palm sugar and tamarind commodities.

Our Vision :

To become a trusted and successful trading company, both domestically and export plantation products.

So it becomes a blessing for all those related to our business. Spread more benefits for others.

Our Mission :

  1. Strive to always remember and align with God’s will in every decision made.
  2. Organize and repair the components needed to achieve the vision.
  3. Improve the ability of human resources in the company
  4. Maintain good relationships with suppliers and buyers by being responsible for agreed transactions
  5. Maintain the quality of marketed products
  6. Expanding market share

Our Legality :